What our clients are saying

Al-Azhar Khalfan
President and CEO, Supply Chain Canada, Ontario Institute

“AMLB came in and made an impact right away. They worked collaboratively with our management team and Audit Committee to address the challenges we were facing and made an immediate impact. We now see them as our go-to finance partner and lean on them exclusively for strategic support and financial analysis. If you are looking for support with strategic and operational planning, budgeting, financial reporting or need advice on your financial processes, I would highly recommend that you consider AMLB to support your business.”

Shafina Hassam
Cloud Adoption Consultant, Creospark

“AMLB helped me understand the tax implications of an employee and self-employed individual. They put together a plan that was simple and easy to understand and provided a path to lowering my taxes.”

Dr. Adil Ladak
Plastic Surgeon

“AMLB developed a financial plan for me clearly illustrating my earnings, savings, and investing needs. A flexible plan to meet my early retirement goals while giving me options to leave a legacy for my family.”